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Witton Castle Lakes report w/e 19th November

After an extremely quiet previous week Witton Castle Lakes welcomed 12 dedicated anglers this last week who braved the cold temperatures to fish the lakes. With the going very hard they saw limited success with bag numbers kept into single figures.

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Witton Castle Lakes report w/e 5th November

The temperatures certainly dropped off towards the end of the week at Witton Castle Lakes making it feel like Winter isn’t too far off. In the last full month of the 2016 season we welcomed 18 dedicated anglers who fished the lakes and enjoyed more success than of late.

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Changes to Rod License Fees

The Environment Agency has announced changes to rod licence fees in 2017 following feedback from anglers across the country.
More details here:

The Angling Trust has also made calls to increase funding for fisheries work alongside rod licence fees and reverse current government cut-backs. Read more here:


Witton Castle Lakes report w/e 29th October

We had a quiet start to the week at Witton Castle Lakes but as the latter part of the week warmed up so did the visiting numbers pick up. The fish also began moving in the warmer temperatures and the sporting action was much improved for anglers from Wednesday onwards.

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