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Posts from the ‘October Reports’ Category

Witton Castle Lakes report w/e 29th October

We had a quiet start to the week at Witton Castle Lakes but as the latter part of the week warmed up so did the visiting numbers pick up. The fish also began moving in the warmer temperatures and the sporting action was much improved for anglers from Wednesday onwards.

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Witton Castle Lakes report w/e 22nd October

A few dedicated and patient anglers are still showing their worth and finding success at Witton Castle Lakes, even with conditions against them. Visiting anglers who enjoy their sport and are willing to put in the effort have had some reward.

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Witton Castle Lakes report w/e October 15th

After things picking up last week, Witton Castle Lakes has been much quieter this week – no doubt due to the increased activity on the river with reports of large salmon being caught.

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Witton Castle Lakes report w/e 8th October

With the fish now moving at Witton Castle Lakes we saw a slight improvement in visiting numbers. 26 anglers chanced their arm in what is still relatively hard going and this week the spread of catches has been wider than of late with more anglers finding success.

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