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Posts from the ‘November Reports’ Category

Witton Castle Lakes report w/e 26th November

This is the final report for the 2016 season from Witton Castle Lakes trout fishery for the week ending 26th November – a week that saw a big drop in temperatures with some minor icing over of the lakes.

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Witton Castle Lakes report w/e 19th November

After an extremely quiet previous week Witton Castle Lakes welcomed 12 dedicated anglers this last week who braved the cold temperatures to fish the lakes. With the going very hard they saw limited success with bag numbers kept into single figures.

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Witton Castle Lakes report w/e 21st November

The last couple of weeks have been very quiet at Witton Castle Lakes with only a handful or so of anglers braving the unpleasant weather conditions to fish the lakes. The strong winds, heavy rains and recent cold temperatures have combined to keep visiting numbers low – along with, no doubt, the closing of the main 2015 season.

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Witton Castle Lakes report w/e 7th November

We’ve had unseasonably warm weather at Witton Castle Lakes this week and have even seen hatches of buzzers, daddies and hoppers to keep anglers busy. We welcomed 39 visiting anglers through the gates who returned a decent rod average of just under 3.

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