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Witton Castle Lakes report w/e 2nd August

The week began at Witton Castle Lakes with more of the same hot and sunny conditions, rain and cloud cover eventually made an appearance towards the end of the week but not quite in time to lift the number of visiting anglers, of which there were only 35 this week.

Catch rates were also low with the best of the anglers being J.King who caught 6 fish whilst C.Colling, P.Atmore, A.Thompson and D.Balloch all caught 3 fish each.

Although the going was hard the flies that performed best throughout the week were shuttle cocks, damsel flies, muddlers, hares ears, hoppers and sedge hogs.

Starting this Monday, 4th of August, Witton Castle Lakes will remain open until 9pm – Monday to Friday for the month of August. The cooler evenings have seen more trout moving, taking emerging buzzers and sedge fly which will give improved sport for anglers who take the opportunity to fish later into the evening and take advantage of better fishing conditions. A four hour ticket will be available from 5pm till 9pm.

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