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Witton Castle Lakes report w/e 26th July

It’s been another week of glorious, sunny weather at Witton Castle Lakes, great for topping up the tan but, as we all know, not good for fishing at all. Consequently visiting numbers have been very low along with the catch rates so there hasn’t been a great deal to report on.

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War of the Weeds

The ongoing task of controlling the weed growth at Witton Castle Lakes has been upscaled over the last couple of weeks. A herculean effort has gone into cutting and dragging the new weed growth from the three main lakes, which has bloomed of late due to the recent hot and humid weather conditions.

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Witton Castle Lakes report w/e 19th July

The mercury had been well into the 20’s for most last week at Witton Castle Lakes making it tricky for visiting anglers who found the going difficult. Not only were they trying to keep cool in the hot conditions but were also having trouble getting fish to rise.

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Witton Castle Lakes report w/e 12th July

The warm and sunny conditions at Witton Castle Lakes over the past week has made the going hard for visiting anglers with fish keeping to the depths. The weather also kept numbers lower than of late with only 48 anglers fishing the lakes.

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