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Weekly Reports

Witton Castle Lakes will open from 8.00am for ticket sales and fishing commences at 8.15am – for closing times please see the clock in the fishing lodge.

The fishery officer can be contacted on 01388 488691 or 07579 000 551


Monthly report for January – Swans rescued

Monthly report for February – 2015 season preparations


Report for opening day – 7th March

Weekly report – w/e 14th March – Busy opening week

Weekly report – w/e 21st March – Mixed weather and an eclipse

Weekly report – w/e 28th March – Windy conditions


Weekly report – w/e 4th April – Extreme weather week

Weekly report – w/e 11th April – The boys in blue visit

Weekly report – w/e 25th April – Prolific hatches


Weekly report – w/e 2nd May – Hatches continue

Weekly report – w/e 9th May – High catch rates

Weekly report – w/e 16th May – Junior Troutmasters

Weekly report – w/e 23rd May – Made in Tyne & Wear

Weekly report – w/e 30th May – Lodge break-in


Weekly report – w/e 6th June – Northumberland Draw Winners

Weekly report – w/e 13th June – Big Fish Week

Weekly report – w/e 20th June – Quiet week

Weekly report – w/e 27th June – Hard going


Weekly report – w/e 4th July – Hailstones the size of golf balls

Weekly report – w/e 11th July – Pink Bloodworm returns

Weekly report – w/e 18th July – Wolsingham WI

Weekly report – w/e 25th July – Quality over quantity


Weekly report – w/e 1st August – 7pm opening for August

Weekly report – w/e 15th August – Anglers taking to the rivers

Weekly report – w/e 22nd August – KDJohnson Memorial Trophy

Weekly report – w/e 29th August – Blustery conditions


Weekly report – w/e 5th September – Quiet Bank Holiday Monday

Weekly report – w/e 12th September – Hard going

Weekly report – w/e 19th September – Numbers down, rod average up

Weekly report – w/e 26th September – Corporate visit from Sirius Group


Weekly report – w/e 3rd October – Gladhope Inn Fishing Club

Weekly report – w/e 10th October – Catch rates up

Weekly report – w/e 17th October – Cold and quiet

Weekly report – w/e 24th October – Slowing down


Weekly report – w/e 7th November – Open as usual

Weekly report – w/e 21st November – Extremely quiet



Report for Opening Day – 1st March

Weekly report – w/e 8th March – Start to the season

Weekly report – w/e 15th March – Wednesday re-stocking

Weekly report – w/e 22nd March – Strong wind conditions

Weekly report – w/e 29th March – BADAC Membership vacancies


Weekly report – w/e 5th April – A visit by the Boys in Blue

Weekly report – w/e 12th April – Roy’s rod saved from the lake

Weekly report – w/e 19th April – Troutmasters fish-off

Weekly report – w/e 26th April – Country Sports Experience


Weekly report – w/e 3rd May – Wickham Rotary Club

Weekly report – w/e 10th May – Friday downpour

Weekly report – w/e 17th May – Hatches on both lakes

Weekly report – w/e 24th May – Late opening trial

Weekly report – w/e 31st May – All Night Event


Weekly report – w/e 7th June – Late night Saturday trial

Weekly report – w/e 14th June – Trinity House visit

Weekly report – w/e 21st June – Humid conditions

Weekly report – w/e 28th June – All Night Fishing reminder


Weekly report – w/e 5th July – Late opening August

Weekly report – w/e 12th July – Dr Chester’s Trophy

Weekly report – w/e 19th July – Olly Shepherd reminder

Weekly report – w/e 26th July – Lakes weeding


Weekly report – w/e 2nd August – Late opening in August

Weekly report – w/e 9th August – Improved conditions

Weekly report – w/e 16th August – W&DAC to visit

Weekly report – w/e 23rd August – Final week of late opening

Weekly report – w/e 30th August – Improved weather conditions


Weekly report – w/e 6th September – Planned all night session

Weekly report – w/e 13th September – Unseasonable weather

Weekly report – w/e 20th September – Free advice

Weekly report – w/e 27th September – Driest for 50 years


Weekly report – w/e 4th October – Tommy Carr

Weekly report – w/e 11th October

Weekly report – w/e 25th October – Opening through November


Weekly report – w/e 1st November – Winter opening times

Weekly report – w/e 8th November – Late season action

Weekly report – w/e 15th November – Buzzer hatches and Weed cutting

Weekly report – w/e 22nd November – Brilliant blood worm

Weekly report – w/e 29th November – End of the 2014 season

2013 Fishing Reports


Report w/e 10th March

Report w/e 16th March

Report w/e 30th March


Report w/e 20th April

Report w/e 27th April


Report w/e 4th May

Report w/e 11th May

Report w/e 18th May

Report w/e 25th May


Report w/e 1st June

Report w/e 8th June

Report w/e 15th June

Report w/e 22nd June

Report w/e 29th June


Report w/e 6th July

Report w/e 13th July

Report w/e 20th July

Report w/e 27th July


Report w/e 3rd August

Report w/e 10th August

Report w/e 17th August

Report w/e 24th August

Report w/e 31st August


Report w/e 7th September

Report w/e 14th September

Report w/e 21st September

Report w/e 28th September


Report w/e 5th October

Report w/e 12th October

Report w/e 26th October


Report w/e 2nd November

Report w/e 9th November

Report w/e 16th November

Report w/e 23rd November


November Reports

The lakes report w/e 10/11/12 read more

The lakes report w/e 3/11/12 read more

October Reports

Wet and windy at the lakes report w/e 20/10/2012 read more

September Reports

Witton host Junior Talent Pathway event report w/e 2/09/2012 read more

August Reports

Start of Supper Sunday report w/e 26/08/2012 read more

Team Witton Lakes Fishing report w/e 5/08/2012 read more

July Reports

Anglers go for gold w/e 29/07/2012 read more

Lakes are being stocked and daily weed cut w/e 22/07/2012 read more

More fish above 4lb stocked and weed cut w/e 15/07/2012 read more

Great weekend at the lakes, read about events w/e 1/07/2012 read more

June Reports 

Launch of the 4 hour day ticket read more

Unseasonal June weather affects anglers sport. Report w/e 24/06/2012 read more

Adams olive zonker wins the match with a 7lb beauty. Report w/e 10/06/2012 read more

Anglers jubilant after West Lake success Report w/e 3/06/2012 read more

May Reports 

Some Superb bags at Witton Castle Lakes this week. Report w/e 6/05/2012 read more

Senior anglers lead the way. Report w/e 13/05/2012 read more

Weather improves catches. Report w/e 20/05/2012 read more

Juniors shine at Witton Castle Lakes. Report w/e 27/05/2012 read more

April Reports

Mixed week with mixed bags. Report w/e 08/04/2012 read more

Conditions on average were favourable. Report w/e 15/04/2012 read more

Catch rates for anglers increase. Report w/e 22/04/2012 read more

Wettest April on record, angles still catching fish. Report w/e 29/04/2012 read more

March Reports

Summer sun, happy anglers. Report w/e 25/03/2012 read more

Sport unaffected as catches boom. Report w/e 01/04/2012 read more

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