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Witton Castle Lakes Report w/e 29th March

Witton Castle Lakes welcomed 40 visiting anglers during the week, all taking advantage of the cloud cover to fish the lakes, a number kept down no doubt by the return of some cold weather. Those visiting anglers who did brave the colder conditions were duly rewarded with some good sporting action and between them caught a total of 202 fish giving a very respectable rod average of just over 5.

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Witton Castle Lakes report w/e 22nd March

The 57 anglers who fished Witton Castle Lakes this week were very successful with a total catch of 191 fish, giving them a decent rod average of 3.4. However, this would have been much better had it not been for the extreme weather conditions, ranging from winds above 40mph to snow.

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Witton Castle Lakes report w/e 15th March

The new season has continued well at Witton Castle Lakes with 113 visiting anglers catching a total of 370 fish, giving a decent rod average of 3.3. The bright sunshine earlier in the week kept catch numbers low but they improved substantially after a re-stocking on Wednesday, with more top quality Rainbow Trout being introduced into the lakes.

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Witton Castle Lakes weekly report w/e 8th March

It’s been a great start to the 2014 season at Witton Castle Lakes with favourable weather conditions and a great turn out for our first full week. Over 115 anglers fished the lakes catching a total of 630 fish giving a very healthy rod average of 5½.

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